Powerful. Precision. Cutting.
KEMCO Industries' Waterjet service provides cost efficient, high-precision cutting of virtually any material type and thickness. KEMCO's MACH 3 from Flow is fully equipped with a Dynamic XD Head, a HYPERJET 94,000 psi pump and one of the largest beds offered from Flow for the MACH 3 with an effective cutting area of 13 ft x 6.5 ft.

Dynamic XD Head


Waterjet Dynamic XD Head

Providing superior capabilities when compared to other heads, KEMCO's Dynamic XD Head gives KEMCO an exclusive edge in waterjet PRODUCTION OF 3D PARTS. The Dynamic XD Head allows for 5-axis rotation and up to 60 degrees of motion.

Versatile Material Cutting


Versatile Material Cutting using a Waterjet

Capable of both Pure Waterjet and Abrasive Waterjet, KEMCO's Waterjet Service has the versatility to CUT VIRTUALLY ANY TYPE OF MATERIAL from soft foams and plastics to hard metals, glass and stones.

Superior Cutting Accuracy


Waterjet Superior Cutting Accuracy

Waterjet cutting provides increased part accuracy when compared to other forms of cutting while maintaining clean and smooth cut edges. Capable of producing parts ACCURATE UP TO 0.001", KEMCO's Waterjet Service is the clear choice to meet the tolerance requirements of most parts.

About KEMCO Industries

Established in 1988, KEMCO Industries is proudly family owned and operated. Located in Central Florida, KEMCO's 55,000 square foot facility utilizes the latest technology and CNC equipment. Our employees are dedicated to providing high quality products and services. We will meet your demands and exceed your expectations.

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